About Us

The company has operated continuously since 1931. In 1972, our company was one of Knoxville’s earliest real estate members of the Employee Relocation Real Estate Advisory Council [ERREAC]; now known as the Worldwide ERC.  Today, there are nearly 1,600 corporations and 10,000 service industry members around the world. That same year, the company became a member in the Inter-Community Relocation Network; now known as Leading Real Estate Companies of The World.

Leading Real Estate Companies of The World has more U.S. home sales volume than any national real estate brand. The network produced more than One Million Transactions in 2015.

The network encompasses more than 15,000 communities, 55 countries on six continents, 17 time zones, and communicating in 46 different languages. During 2015, the 128,000 associates within the network produced more than $ 351 Billion in annual home sales. This is $ 86 Billion more than any other real estate network sales volume.

Fourteen of the Top Twenty Five Brokerages in the United States are Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Affiliates.

As such, our brokers and associates have access to the leading network and DO NOT PAY FRANCHISE FEES.

The company broker’s average experience is more than 37 years while our Realtors’ average experience is more than 16 years.  The company is a respected market leader with more than 44 years experience in the relocation field including more than 10 years on the board of a leading national relocation network.

A few examples of our industry participation and accomplishments would include:

  • Realtor Emeritus
  • Women’s Council Member of the Year, Knoxville Chapter
  • Tennessee CRS of the Year
  • Tennessee CRS Chapter President
  • KAAR Realtor of the Year – 3 times
  • Women’s Council Member of the Year, Tennessee
  • Women’s Council State President, Tennessee
  • Women’s Council Member of the Year, Knoxville Chapter
  • Women’s Council President, Knoxville Chapter
  • TAR State Realtor Educator of the Year
  • Equitable Realty Network President’s Council
  • Tennessee Real Estate Education Foundation President
  • Vice President ICR National Relocation Counseling Center
  • KAAR President – 2 times
  • Tennessee Real Estate Education Foundation President
  • Founding member of Knoxville Women’s Council of Realtors

More about teaming with experienced accessible coaches

Additionally, our members have served as Chairperson of most of the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors committees.

In order to succeed in real estate, it is important to be able to draw on the vast experience of our accessible, knowledgeable Realtors and brokers.

THE INTERNET… we have led Knoxville in online real estate websites since 1995. Twenty years of online real estate experience includes more than 50 domains including Knoxville-TN.com, Knoxville-Real-Estate.com, KnoxvilleLakes.com, AccessKnoxville.com, KnoxLakes.com, KnoxSearch.com and AccessSmokies.com.

Our real estate Blog sites include TheKnoxvilleBlog.com, TellicoVillageBlog.com, WestKnoxBlog.com, and FarragutBlog.com.

Our video channels include KnoxvilleVideos.com, YouTube.com/knoxvillehomes, KnoxHomes.tv, and HomesAndLakes.com. Online customers viewed more than 50,000 videos of our listings.

Agents and Industry Leaders Say

"The experience and expertise you and your company embody are needed more today than ever before. So much has changed in recent years, but the principles of high ethics, teamwork, and mentoring others are core values that true professionals exhibit. I continue to be impressed at leadership you and the members of your team provide. We are a much better organization because of it!"
Steve Harding, Executive Vice President, Tennessee Association of Realtors,